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Genesis: Paradise Lost

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We are a Christian film ministry dedicated to producing high quality Bible-based productions that don't compromise or water down the word of God.

Over the past few years we have seen several Bible themed films come out of Hollywood, all of which were horrendously unscriptural and in some cases just gave Christian a black eye. Afterall, who's interested in reading a book that the Hollywood industry just made out to be magical and fairytale like?

It doesn't stop there, TV shows now are more and more often depicting Christians as the bad guys. A hypocritical pastor here, or an overbearing Christian parent who's cruel to their children over there... It's an intentional scheme to distance the public further and further from Christianity.

So how can we fight back? Click on the link below to see our latest production. Please also consider donating, as we are 100% funded by you!


Quantum Bible Series

Quantum is our latest project in which we aim to show the scientific and historical accuracy of the Bible through a sci-fi time travel adventure!