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    Quantum Patreon

    You can support the Genesis movie's director and his latest production through Patreon, a site allowing monthly support! 

    Quantum Indiegogo Crowdfunder

    Ralph, the Genesis director also created a crowdfunder website for one-time donations to his next production: Quantum. 



    Pilgrim's Labyrinth

    Pilgrim's Labyrinth is the working title for what promises to be an epic series, revolving around several characters who are trapped inside a maze full of traps and mortal danger. Through trials and tribulations, they attempt to solve the fantastical Labyrinth, and escape with thier lives... or rather, their souls.

    What's next?

    Dr. Charles Jackson from Genesis: Paradise Lost, teams up with Producer/Director Ralph Strean for a new online series that takes on the Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson. The series is called QUANTUM, and not only promises to be visually stunning and topically ground-breaking, but will ultimately set out to reveal to the world that Jesus Christ created everything.

    Genesis: Paradise Lost Part 2

    Were you blown away with Genesis: Paradise Lost Part 1? Want to help us make the sequel? Visit the link below to donate to our GPL fund! Once we reach our pre-production goal we will being production, God willing! You were who God used to help us make the first one, and Part 2 will be no different. Please help us bring Part 2 to theaters!


    PRE-ORDER Genesis: Paradise Lost


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